400 MyBlogLog Community Members

Posted by on Apr 26, 2007 in General, Social Media

My blog community on MyBlogLog just reached 400 members today, thanks to to Scott Bradley. Although I am assuming that most of those members never actually read my blog I think it is still a milestone to be proud of, and it is in my opinion a good form of social proof. The 50th largest MyBlogCommunity currently has 527 members, so I am not too far off from getting into the top 50 communities. If you haven’t joined my community yet could you please do me a favor and join here.



  1. 4-30-2007

    Congratulations on reaching an important milestone. I have about half that with my most popular blog, but I am happy with what I have.

    Funny you mention about visitors. Moments ago, I decided to pull up the membership for my The Article Writer site and your picture was there. You are the first of several blogs I will be visiting as I feel it is high time for me to “pay back” my members with a visit.

    Have a good one — I hope you get #500 before long.


  2. 5-3-2007

    Thanks for plugging me Chris!
    You are the man!

  3. 5-8-2007

    I read! Life your contain.