Using an iPod Touch as a Primary Mobile Device

Posted by on Jan 5, 2011 in General | 1 comment

As the mobile web and smartphones have grown in popularity over the last couple years I’ve begun to feel somewhat left behind with just my very basic feature phone. I’ve contemplated getting a smartphone many times, but what prevents me every time is the fact that I hardly ever use the phone I already have, so its hard to justify paying more to get connected to the mobile web on my phone. On average I probably only talk on my current phone for 10 mins each month and maybe send between 15-20 texts, and its on a family plan that my...

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Tracking Google Ranking Position From Parameter in Refferal URL

Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Google, SEO, Statistics | Comments Off

Over the last several months I’ve become somewhat obsessed with collecting SEO related data in an automated fashion. I’ve taught myself some PHP to accomplish what I want to achieve, and am actively working on several scripts that will gather and analyze all kinds of data. One things I wanted to do was track over time the change in rankings for keywords I was already receiving traffic for so I could measure what effect a change in SERP rank position would have on the amount of traffic I received for that keyword, and get a better...

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I Got Bit by an Ostrich!

Posted by on Jul 3, 2009 in Random | 4 comments

So this isn’t something that happens every day.  I got bit by an Ostrich! That Ostrich in this picture  was leaning over the fence about to bite me.  It bit me on my shoulder right after the picture was taken.  Fortunately, I wasn’t injured and it didn’t even hurt. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I have of the incident. If only the picture were taken a second later we might have gotten the perfect...

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The $100 Million Dollar Challenge

Posted by on Oct 2, 2008 in Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing | 32 comments

Internet Marketing Guru, Russell Brunson, just launched his new $100 Million Dollar challenge contest and is giving away a Corvette to the winner. The whole idea behind the contest is to help members of the contest earn a cumulative $100 million dollars. I’ve had the privilege to work for Russell in the past so I know that he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to internet marketing. Even if the contest doesn’t really interest you, it is well worth your time to check out what he is giving away inside the...

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Internet Marketering Gurus Embracing Social Media

Posted by on Jun 19, 2008 in Internet Marketing, Social Media, Twitter | 12 comments

John Reese wrote a great post today in response to an attack on him by a couple of bloggers regarding twitter. Basically what happened is John sent out an email to his email list encouraging them to follow him on Twitter. A blogger who received the email predicted that this was a “Pending Sign of the Twitter Apocalypse“. Another blogger over at Mashable responded to the first post by speculating whether Twitter was vulnerable to marketer attacks. Both posts implied that John was some sort of sleazy “ebook salesman” who...

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Last Day to Get Affiliate Evolution for Only $10

Posted by on May 30, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing, DotComSecrets | 7 comments

This past week we launched our newest product at DotComSecrets (my employer) called Affiliate Evolution. I haven’t blogged about it yet so I wanted to do so now before the price goes up from its discounted launch price, in order to give you time to get your own copy if you wanted to check it out. The price is only $10 but it will be going up on Tuesday, June 3rd. As you will read on the sales page the product teaches a business model called the commission bump. When promoting products as an affiliate Russell has used the commission bump...

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Facebook’s New Chat Feature

Posted by on Apr 24, 2008 in Facebook, General, Social Media | 4 comments

Earlier this week I noticed a little box in the bottom right corner of my Facebook window telling me about Facebook chat, but I didn’t end up trying it out until just today. Although it seemed slow a couple times, I really like this new feature. Facebook chat reminds me a lot of Gmails built in chat feature, which has become my most often used form of IMing. One thing I really like about Gmail’s build it chat is that I am able to catch a lot of friends who don’t usually log into IM clients. I will probably catch a lot more...

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Embedding Youtube Videos in WordPress Posts

Posted by on Apr 2, 2008 in General, Wordpress, Youtube | 7 comments

I’ve had problems with embedding Youtube videos in WordPress blog posts in the past, and since I don’t post videos often enough to remember the solution I end up researching my problem each time. Now that I’ve got the solution down I figured I’d share it with you in case you run into the same trouble. I haven’t upgraded to WordPress 2.5, so I’m not sure if the fix is already be built in the newest version. If it is fixed in newer version then this only applies to older versions of WordPress. There are two...

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Google Adword’s New Landing Page Rules

Posted by on Mar 31, 2008 in Adwords | 3 comments

I started noticing the following message within my Adwords account several days ago: Important Change to URL Policy Enforcement Starting in April, display URLs for new ads will be required to match their destination / landing page URLs, without exception. Please adjust your URLs accordingly when creating new ads. When I first noticed this I was a bit concerned, thinking that the rule applied to the destination URL you enter within your Adwords account, which isn’t necessarily the landing page that users land on. As I read more I was much...

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The Sample Size Calculator

Posted by on Mar 26, 2008 in SEO | 2 comments

I’ve found myself using this sample size calculator quite a bit recently. Thanks to Hawaii SEO for first telling me about this tool through Twitter. The calculator helps you determine the sample size required to reach a certain degree of confidence about the results of an experiment, or the confidence interval for a given sample size. This is extremely useful for internet marketers. It can be used to determine how certain you should be of the results of various campaigns and experiments you may conduct as an internet marketer, such as...

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