The Best Programming Languages to Learn (at least for me)

Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Computer, Programming

I’ve recently gotten very interested in improving my programming skills and learning new programming languages. So, one afternoon I did a lot of research online to try to descide what language(s) I should learn next. I came across this page that ranks programming languages based on users’ input on a variety of questions. In addition to the information I gathered from other online sources, I very heavily used input I gathered from the, but only for questions that applied to what I was looking for in a language, to create a list of the “best”...

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The Last 100 Years of IBM (Computing)

Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 in Computer

The computer company IBM turns 100 this year. In commemoration of this they created this interesting video I will post below. It chronicles the history of IBM over the past 100 years using people who were born on each of those years to narrate the portion about their birth year. While the video is about IBM it could almost be about just computing in general since IBM has been so influential in the evolution of computing, especially in the early years.

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Linux and Open Source

Posted by on Oct 29, 2005 in Computer

I recently installed Linux on my computer. The distribution I chose to use was Ubuntu. Although it was kind of a hassle to get connected to the internet because of problems with my wireless card, once I got everything working I’ve loved it. The reason that Linux is so great is because it is an Open Source Operating System. The great thing about Open Source software is that anyone can have access to and modify the source code. So, in a way the users have more control over what they get. As a result the software more accurately reflects what users want. The best place I have found to find...

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