The Value of Digg to Non-Digg Users

Posted by on Jan 3, 2007 in Digg, Internet Marketing, Social Media

A discussion going on on several blogs about whether Digg should be included in Google’s search results has got me thinking about the value that Digg provides to internet users outside of the Digg community. To my understanding the basic argument against Digg being listed in Google’s search results is that Digg provides no new content (except for discussion) and therefore should not be listed above the original articles that are linked to on Digg. First of all, I don’t think Digg’s prevalence in search engine results will change, but the question still remains as to...

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Internet Headlines of 2007

Posted by on Dec 21, 2006 in Digg, Google, Internet

What lies ahead in the Internet World in 2007? Below are my three predictions of Headlines we will see during the coming year along with my justification for such predictions. Google Buys Digg for $200 Million Despite much criticism recently, Digg continues to grow. Google does not currently own a site like Digg, so Digg would fit nicely into their portfolio. Digg doesn’t receive quite the amount of traffic as YouTube, which Google paid $1.65 billion for earlier this year, so it doesn’t merit such a large price tag, but I think that within the next year Google will be willing to...

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Seven Digg Experts

Posted by on Dec 19, 2006 in Digg, Links, Social Media

While keeping informed and up to date about what is being written about Digg over the past several months I have come across a lot of information that really isn’t that insightful or in some cases is even just plain wrong. So to help anyone interested in learning more about Digg sort through the jungle of information out there I have created the following list of bloggers who in my eyes have proved through their writings on the subject that they really know what they are talking about. These guys have established themselves as authorities on the subject of Digg. So here is the list of...

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Is Digg a Game?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2006 in Digg, Social Media

I just wrote an article at my marketing blog, about the gaming element of Digg, and my take on the fact that a select group of top Digg users have a disproportionate amount of power on the site. In brief I believe that the fact that Digg provides a ranked public record of user’s contributions creates a sort of game out of Digg. This game environment actually improves the quality of content on Digg because users are given an incentive to contribute quality content. If you want to read more please check out the article. Please let me know what you think and share the article if you like...

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Digg Article on CNet Inaccurate

Posted by on Dec 13, 2006 in Digg

I recently read an article on CNet about Rigging Digg. The article was an interesting read but contained many inaccuracies. I was going to blog about it in detail today but this morning I read these three posts that already explain what is wrong with the article and mirror my sentiments Elinor Mills Embarasses Self, C|Net with Digg Article CNet’s story about Digg needs a reality check CNET Gets it Wrong about Digg Optimization On a related note I was recently accused of being a Digg...

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Am I a Digg Spammer?

Posted by on Dec 5, 2006 in Digg, Social Media

I am a Digg Spammer, at least according to Digg users HaltingPoint, dnight, and hobbsy, who left the following comments on the Digg Story of my last post about the $100 dollar business. The story was buried soon after it made it to the home page, which is too bad because in my opinion it was pretty interesting. In my own defense I would like to say that I didn’t even submit either of the two stories that I have had make it to the homepage, and in neither case did I have the intention of profiting from the Digg exposure. I did have adsense on each post at one time or another but...

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