Tracking Google Ranking Position From Parameter in Refferal URL

Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Google, SEO, Statistics

Over the last several months I’ve become somewhat obsessed with collecting SEO related data in an automated fashion. I’ve taught myself some PHP to accomplish what I want to achieve, and am actively working on several scripts that will gather and analyze all kinds of data. One things I wanted to do was track over time the change in rankings for keywords I was already receiving traffic for so I could measure what effect a change in SERP rank position would have on the amount of traffic I received for that keyword, and get a better idea as a whole what effect ranking positions have...

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The Sample Size Calculator

Posted by on Mar 26, 2008 in SEO

I’ve found myself using this sample size calculator quite a bit recently. Thanks to Hawaii SEO for first telling me about this tool through Twitter. The calculator helps you determine the sample size required to reach a certain degree of confidence about the results of an experiment, or the confidence interval for a given sample size. This is extremely useful for internet marketers. It can be used to determine how certain you should be of the results of various campaigns and experiments you may conduct as an internet marketer, such as the click through rates in Adwords campaigns and ads...

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Some Great Stuff From SEO Book

Posted by on Oct 25, 2007 in SEO, Youtube

I guess I am on Aaron Walls mailing list because I just got an email from him(Probably from buying his SEO book). He mentioned that he will be finished updating his famous SEO book in several days and in his email also included some goodies such as the following which I though I would share with you… A video offering tips on how to install and use SEO for Firefox 8 other short SEO videos yesterday, and uploaded them to YouTube here By the way, I got a chance to meet Aaron at a conference here in the Philippines. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him much, but he seems like a really...

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What is your SEO Expertise Level?

Posted by on Sep 27, 2007 in Personality Test, SEO

I just finished taking SEOmoz’s SEO Quiz and got the following results… SEO Dark Lord – 92% Are you an SEO Expert? The Quiz was pretty challenging and I learned a few new things from taking it such as the existence of the robots-nocontent tag and the most popular search engine in various countries. I’m sure even if you are an SEO expert you’ll have hard time answering some of the questions in this quiz. If you take the test please share your thoughts and...

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7 Ways to Turn Your First Time Visitors into Returning Visitors

Posted by on Aug 28, 2007 in SEO

The Following is another post from Kreah, who blogs about Korean Dramas and Movies: Your blog is the product of your passion and creative imagination. However, with hundreds of blogs created everyday your hard work will be futile if only the search engine spiders will notice your new blog. Yeah, you can optimize your website and do link building to drive traffic to your blog from search engines and other websites, but what’s the use of this sudden flow of visitors if you can’t keep them on your site? Is there a reason that your first time visitors stay or keep returning to your...

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An Update On Switching Away From’s Free Hosting

Posted by on Aug 27, 2007 in SEO

I blogged a little over a month ago about moving from a hosted blog to your own hosting on your own domain. In that post I outlined a plan Kreah and I would follow to move the Kreah Craze Korean Dramas and Movies blog out of on onto its own domain and hosting over time. Although we are still working on improving the blog, we have now moved completely away from, so I asked Kreah to give us an update of her experience. I have also added my comments in blue. We will be going into more detail and giving further updates as time goes on to help you learn...

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