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I have been collecting my spare change(mostly pennies), in a Sobe bottle over the past year or so. I got bored one day, and decided that maybe I could use my change to entertain myself. So I created the following coin structures.


  1. 12-2-2006

    Good idea. What did you use to glue the pennies together?

  2. 12-2-2006

    I actually didn’t use any glue. All three structures used many of the same coins to build, and after I was done I got rid of all the coins.

  3. 12-3-2006

    YOU ROCK… This is the best use of pennies i have seen recently. You must have a lot of patience and pennies…!

  4. 12-3-2006

    Why does US still have pennies for anyway? Australia got rid of ours many years ago. Now it’s 5c or higher.

  5. 12-3-2006

    sucks, Seen way better penny structures

  6. 12-3-2006

    I agree. This is crap.

  7. 12-3-2006

    Oh yeah. A guy is bored and makes some cool stuff with some pennies and just because he isn’t completely obsessed he sucks. I can definitely see the logic there. I think they are pretty cool. Make some more. I want to see BIGGER.

  8. 12-3-2006

    I am impressed with the bridge. Maybe I will kill some time at work tomorrow and clean the pennies out of my pen drawer for my own structures. As for Gasunteid and Karl, where the F are your structures? Get over yourselves.

  9. 12-3-2006

    You need to either get a job, or a girlfriend.

  10. 12-3-2006

    Neato. I figured you didn’t use any glue, but wondered how. The idea of building temporary supports is quite logical, but I missed it. :) So, I wonder if these pennies are worth a lot more than their face value, now that they are part of something bigger? :)

  11. 12-3-2006

    Glue would kind of take away the point, wouldn’t it?

  12. 12-3-2006

    glue would take away the point yes, especially sence the structures consist of the same pennies…

  13. 12-3-2006

    bytech wondered if the pennies were worth more than face value because they were part of something. Here’s an interesting tidbit. Due to the value of zinc (in pennies) increasing, a penny is now worth over a penny based upon it’s metal contents.

    To the haters that just can’t seem to let anything go past without saying it sucks or it’s gay, or you have too much time on your hands, or get a job, or get a girlfriend, STFU

  14. 12-3-2006

    For those that say my structures suck, I actually kind of agree. I just made these three and a couple others one night and thought it was pretty fun to do, and had plans of making better ones later on, but I lost interest the next day. Maybe someday I’ll regain interest and build some other cooler ones.

  15. 12-3-2006

    nice dude! i save up all my change to. you’ve just inspired me to go make some structures. I’ll post up a link later…

  16. 12-3-2006

    Another good use is to make these pennies and nickels actually build something real, like giving them to charity.

  17. 12-3-2006


    I don’t need a job, but I would like a girlfriend.

  18. 12-3-2006

    hey thats cool good job how long did it take?

  19. 12-3-2006

    I’m not quite sure how long it took, but I did all three of these in just one night.

  20. 12-3-2006

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  21. 12-4-2006

    So, I could be wrong, in fact I hope I am, but i’m pretty sure I’ve seen these same photos elsewhere with lengthy explanation and several other shots. It’s the photo of the bridge, i’ve definately seen it before. with a few shots explaining how they created several reusable bases.

    It’s probably just a similar project. I hope so anyways cuz this is still pretty cool.

  22. 12-4-2006

    I, for one, welcome our new coin structure overlords

  23. 12-4-2006

    New Zealand also got rid of 1 and 2 cents nearly a decade ago. Next is the 5 cent before 2010. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got rid of 10cents as well.

  24. 12-4-2006


    Yeah, I’m sure there are similar pictures elsewhere on the internet but thesesones are my originals. I got the idea from another website that showed how to make a simple bridge, then I took that further and made a larger bridge and the buildings.