Internet Marketering Gurus Embracing Social Media

Posted by on Jun 19, 2008 in Internet Marketing, Social Media, Twitter

John Reese wrote a great post today in response to an attack on him by a couple of bloggers regarding twitter. Basically what happened is John sent out an email to his email list encouraging them to follow him on Twitter. A blogger who received the email predicted that this was a “Pending Sign of the Twitter Apocalypse“. Another blogger over at Mashable responded to the first post by speculating whether Twitter was vulnerable to marketer attacks. Both posts implied that John was some sort of sleazy “ebook salesman” who was looking to exploit or “attack” twitter by spamming links to his products and that by encouraging other to do the same he would be responsible for introducing a lot of pollution to twitter, which could lead to its demise.

John Reese then responded with a post of his own defending himself and other internet marketers. Before I go on, I want to distinguish between the types of internet marketers I’m talking about, because the label “Internet Marketer” can be applied to many different groups although many people may fall into several different groups. The internet marketers I’m referring to belong to the type of marketers that teach internet marketing to others, have huge opt-in email lists, usually use squeeze pages and long sales pages to sell their products, but actually sell legitimate products that have provided real value to their customers. Some of them sell ebooks, but some of them don’t. Also included in this group could be those who have learned from these gurus or use the same strategies but have made their money in other niches.

I do find it somewhat amusing that it has only been fairly recently (within the last year or so) that many of these internet marketing guru types have really started to look into the whole social media thing, although many of the top social media sites have been around for several years already. My guess is it’s because they were busy making money while the early adapters of these social media sites were building the community around these sites. It is only now that these social media sites are going more mainstream and the value of the networks on these sites are rapidly growing that these internet marketers have taken notice. Since the industry is a pretty close knit one word has been spreading.

I don’t think this is cause for alarm, however. The nature of social media lends itself well to the idea of permission marketing. Those who are interested in a given topic or are looking for a certain product or service actually want to be marketed to, because they want to find a solution to their needs and wants. But users have the option to opt-in or opt-out of any given marketing message. As John stated in his post:

Last Time I Checked Twitter Used A ‘Voluntary’ Messaging System
And completely aside from the points I just made, Twitter works by having users opt to follow other users — and they only see their tweets after they have voluntarily chosen to follow that person.

Marketers who are too pushy or spammy will mostly be ignored and in the long run will not succeed. Internet marketers who market their products to the social networks online actually add value to the networks, because they are offering solutions. These internet marketers are coming not to spam the networks but to participate and add value.

These internet marketing gurus know the permission marketing game well. Many have been successful with email marketing, which is the epitome of permission marketing. Prospects must first give permission to be marketed to by providing their email. If the marketer creates too much noise and not enough value, subscribers will opt-out. Social media is different than email marketing in many ways, but the idea that you have to provide real value in order to be listened to for any extended period of time still applies, and the smart marketers know this.

Social media is too big for any serious internet marketer to ignore. I believe that its rise in popularity will encourage more transparency among internet marketers and will ultimately be good for both the internet marketing industry and the social media websites they use. Marketers who just hide behind a sales page won’t be as successful as those that engage and interact with their audience and build real relationships with their customers and prospects. The honest internet marketers who have helped thousands of people with their online business will continue to succeed by leveraging social media. The scammers and spammers won’t last because there will be an easily accessible public record of their dishonesty. As more of these internet marketing gurus begin to use social media more often, through participation on the social media sites, blogging, live web casts, and other similar social activities a public record will be created for anyone to evaluate and it will become more clear who has real value to offer and who is just hyping up a bunch of B.S.

It is unfortunate that Christopher John Sandberg, who is one of the honest ones, got misclassified, but this whole story is a great example of the power of social media. Since John was actively involved in both Twitter and blogging he was able to defend his reputation and make a statement. I think we can all look forward to more public discourse from John and many other of the top internet marketing gurus.


  1. 6-19-2008

    Of course, personally I do know know John Reese but I have heard of how he manages to sell a million dollars feat in 24 hours. And I believe that he is only able to do that because he is a ethical marketer and people are willing to sell his products as affiliates. In addition, I believe his products should be quite good, if not, how can one product garner a million sales in 24 hours.

    It is unfortunate but true that there are many “fake” folks around that promises people to make thousands in a few days. I do not know how many of them really works, but the real internet marketers all go through the rough road, some take years to become what they are today…

    A great post I must say…:)

  2. 6-20-2008

    This is really interesting and has some very interesting and revealing information. I’ll be sure to pass this along to some of my colleagues, thanks.

  3. 6-20-2008

    Also, I never thought of this whole business that way. Perhaps if I had known all of this information, I would have been able to make money right off the bat instead of having it take so long. Thanks again!

  4. 6-20-2008

    You’ve looked at the incident in a different perspective. I never had an idea that it’s only now these internet marketers have been using Social Media or internet marketing in general using social media sites.

    I have first read the posts from Mark and Duncan, and so I thought Reese was really a flopster, a newbie, who doesn’t have a say on internet marketing, but after reading his long post, I am convinced that he’s not. I was surprised to learn that BlogRush was his project.

  5. 6-20-2008

    Enjoyed reading this – actually first thought you were speaking of the actor. But this John Reese responded well with his observation that Twitter permission based following will preclude it getting spammed to death.

  6. 6-20-2008

    This is a GREAT post. I love how you point out the benefits of social marketing – not just to the salemen, but to the customers. It’s true, scammers would have a much harder time standing up for themselves on the social network front. How many people would give them a thumbs down? And it does give value to the social networks. I, for one, never gave a hoot about social networks until I saw the benefits for business – but this is for both buying AND selling. I can learn more from people, interact, be in communicatin with them, see what kind of person they are, et al. Makes all the difference in the world!

  7. 6-23-2008

    evetidez, are you thinking about John Cleese? bit of a difference.

    Interesting article though – I recently got a similar email from Russell Brunson, asking me to follow him on Twitter. I haven’t taken the plunge and setup an account yet, but I thought it was interesting (but logical) that he and others are using their lists to expand their brand. IE, if you’ve got email followers, why not make them twitter followers too? And blog followers, and on and on? The more you get in their face, the more likely they are to trust you when you introduce a new product or try to sell another one. Marketing is all about relationships and social media marketing is a great way to build them.

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