Using an iPod Touch as a Primary Mobile Device

Posted by on Jan 5, 2011 in General

As the mobile web and smartphones have grown in popularity over the last couple years I’ve begun to feel somewhat left behind with just my very basic feature phone. I’ve contemplated getting a smartphone many times, but what prevents me every time is the fact that I hardly ever use the phone I already have, so its hard to justify paying more to get connected to the mobile web on my phone. On average I probably only talk on my current phone for 10 mins each month and maybe send between 15-20 texts, and its on a family plan that my parents fund, so its basically free to me. I have tried to find data only plans, but haven’t been successful yet, and I still do want talk and text, just not as much . Most plans out there seem to assume that you are going to use your phone primary for talking and texting and just treat data as an add on service, an afterthought almost. I want something that is the opposite, data first, with a small add on for the few minutes I might talk, or texts I might send each month. I have yet to find a satisfying solution to my dilemma, but I have found one that works pretty well for now–using an iPod Touch as my primary mobile device.

I bought the most recent iPod touch model a couple weeks ago and immediately started trying out new apps, and surfing the web using my wifi at home. The iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone so its got almost everything I would get from a smartphone. When I have gone out I try to connect wherever I can using wifi, and have even been checking into places on Foursquare, Gowalla, and Whrrl. I’ve been pretty satisfied with the amount of free wifi hotspots I’ve been able to find and use. A lot of places where I would want to use a mobile device have wifi already. I still have to carry my old phone around too, for calling and texting, but the iPod touch comes out of my pocket much more often than my phone.

I’ll be looking into getting an Android smartphone in the coming years, so I can experience both the Android and iOS worlds. I hope I can eventually find a mobile plan that is more data centric, but I may eventually just give in and pay for the regular full talk, text, and data plans, although I don’t know if I can get over the fact the my talk and text will always be under utilized. I feel that I am almost getting the full mobile web experience with just my iPod touch–Almost. I still see the need for a single mobile device that merges phones and computers and I still crave the always connected nature of a true smartphone, but for now my appetite is satiated.

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