Should You Use Partial Feeds To Increase Website Visits?

Posted by on Apr 24, 2007 in Blogging, General, SEO

One popular reasons given for using partial feeds as opposed to full feeds is that it increases the amount of visitors to your actual site. If you let people have your full feed they will just consume your content through a feed reader and never visit your site, so you have to offer just a partial feed so they will have to click through to your website and read your full post, right? … Wrong! Several recent posts say otherwise, and so do I. Whenever I subscribe to a feed and find out it only offers a partial feed I unsubscribe immediately in almost all cases. On the rare occasion that I do stay subscribed I end up reading less of the content than I would have had they offered a full feed, simply because clicking through to a website is just an extra step that I am reluctant to take, because it takes me away from all the other good content in my feed reader provided by all the other blogs who let me subscribe to a full feed. There is a lot of good content out there and I am always looking for ways to sift through it all. By offering only a partial feed you are pretty much guaranteeing that I will place your content in the never return category. One exception to this is Aaron Wall’s SEOBook. He offers great content that I wouldn’t want to miss it, but his blog is the only exception.

If bloggers want readers to click through to their website I recommend that they entice them rather that force them. Offer great content that encourages discussion and people will want to click through after they have read your full post in their feed reader simply to see the comments and post one of their own. I do this very often myself. As I read posts in my feed reader I open the ones I would like to comment on in a new tab and go back to them after I have gone through all the content in my feed reader. So for everyone out there who offers only partial feeds, if you want this reader please switch to full feeds.

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